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Our History

Italiana sport srl boasts a family history that dates back to 1970, when Americo de Vincentis and his wife decided to engage in the production and packaging of school outfits and uniforms, thus creating the DEVIA Confezioni company.

Their son Donato keeps investing himself in the company with the same spirit and passion of his father, with the purpose of adding productive sectors such as sport, work and free time clothing, always paying special attention to the Made in Italy quality. In 1989 Devia Confezioni got officially replaced with the textile and customized clothing company Italiana Sport Srl.

The generational shift has imposed a new, more technological and innovative vision that has led to an expansion of the production site, which is about 2400 mq today, a computerized production system and an information system for administration and management control. All of this quickly made Italiana Sport srl a dynamic reality with a forward-looking vision.

Today, with over thirty years of experience, Italiana Sport Srl is one of the leading companies in the sector of production and marketing of technical-sports clothing, workwear and safety clothing and customized promotional material.

Enters the world of Italiana Sport


Italiana Sport Srl puts in first place the culture of Made in Italy, the quality of the fabrics and the attention to details in customization.

Every piece of clothing is the result of a detailed productive process, which starts from the creative idea and the making of the models on paper, and ends with the actual manifacturing, where the clothes are cut, assembled and embroided, and only the best fabrics are chosen, so that they can fit every need.

A combination of creativity, Made in Italy tradition, technology and research shapes the entire production of Italiana Sport. There is a solid production philosophy at the base of this company, and shared by all its collaborators, which translates into a search for the highest quality without compromise, thanks to the use of the best yarns and fabrics on the market, capable of giving comfort, practicality, durability and healthiness.



Italiana Sport Srl has always worked for a better and more sustainable world. The company has had an ethical and responsible view from the very beginning. This is why Italiana Sport focuses entirely on the choice of the fabrics, which is crucial for a production of quality that does not make compromises on performances, beauty and style for its clothes.

Italiana Sport uses only OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 and BLUEDESIGN certified fabrics, which guarantee a unique approach to minimize the environmental impact in the production stages, so that the fabric is free from toxic products for the people and the ecosystem. In addition to the classic fabrics such as cotton, Piquet, polyester, Jersey, Canvas, Lycra, Twill Jersey, Sweatshirt and many others, plenty of attention is dedicated to the recycled fibers in combination with the traditional ones. Common threads through all the fabrics employed are high quality, resistance and breathability, three characteristics that strengthen the performance of the garment and help the wearers in all their activities.


Italiana Sport, backed by a long history and an important know-how, strongly believes in the need to innovate and renew itself. This is why they choose the most advanced, safe and efficient technologies for cutting, designing and customizing the clothes, such as the CAM-CAD technologies, the screen and the digital printing and the mechanized embroiedry systems that allow them to satisfy all the needs of their clients.

This way, the customization of the garments becomes the result of a punctual and meticulous production process that combines creativity, tradition and the most modern packaging techniques.

The customer is the main character in this whole process in Italiana Sport: they provide the specifics of the project and they are accompanied by internal consultants in the choice of the fabrics and materials and in the type of the needed techniques in order to get a technologically perfect product with unique qualitative performances.

In questo modo la personalizzazione dei capi è il risultato finale di un percorso produttivo puntuale e meticoloso che unisce la creatività, la tradizione e le tecniche più moderne di confezionamento.

Il cliente da italiana Sport è protagonista di questo processo, fornisce le specifiche di progetto, e viene accompagnato dai consulenti interni alla scelta dei tessuti e materiali, alla tipologia di tecniche da usare con l’obiettivo di avere alla fine un prodotto tecnologicamente perfetto e dalle prestazioni qualitative uniche.